Swiss Cheese Plant (monstera deliciosa)

Swiss Cheese Plant (monstera deliciosa)


The classic 'urban jungle' plant and loved by interior designers with its large glossy leaves and large form.


Likes: Bright indirect light,

Very good drainage, when you re-pot (every 2 yrs or so) make sure you have plenty of perlite mixed into the compost.


Dislikes: Being waterlogged, water once the soil is almost dry to the touch.

Bright direct Sun,don't have too close to a window as Deliciosa can get sunburned.You can spot this by watching out for brown spots on leaves and brown leaf tips.


Monstera is a natural climber, you’ll want something for it to crawl up! Use a moss pole or garden canes. Monstera has aerial roots if they get too unruly for the space, tuck them back into the pot .



12 cm plant 40cm tall.