Staghorn Fern (platycerium veitchii Braam)

Staghorn Fern (platycerium veitchii Braam)


This is a slow growing fern, but end up being quite large and impressive once mature. Your staghorn fern will thrive if you mimic its natural, sub-tropical conditions as best as you can.  The fronds which are shaped like antlers grow shield fronds  at the base these will turn brown - dont remove these!


Likes: To be  in a location that boasts consistent, shaded light. They can handle more sunlight if given enough water and humidity. Very happy in a  bathroom or kitchen. Being given a frequent misting. To be mounted on a plaque once mature!!


Dislikes: Being over- watered.Theyneed frequent watering, but the base should be allowed to dry out in between water about once a week in warmer homes or during the summer months, and once every two to three weeks in cooler months.


Pet Friendly


14cm plant pot not included.